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New Starters

Year 3 Welcome Meeting


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Croft Junior School. We are delighted you have chosen Croft Junior School for your child, starting with us on Tuesday, 3 September 2024.


It was wonderful to meet so many of you at the welcome meeting on Wednesday, 22 May 2024 at the school, giving you a chance to hear more about what we do and practical information for your child’s first days at Croft Junior School.


We will share specific arrangements for the induction of Year 3 and provide you with extra information to ensure a smooth transition to Croft Junior School soon. As explained, Year 3 teachers have not yet been decided although you were able to meet Mr Parsons who will be leading Years 3 and 4.


Please do start completing the forms that can be accessed below. Five are currently available - a sixth will be shortly. 

Arrangements for Induction Day, Wednesday 10th July.


  • Children should wear their infant school uniform.
  • Arrive on the front playground for 09:00 (parents welcome on the playground). Children will then enter school with their new class teacher. 
  • There will be a range of activities for the children with their new class teacher.
  • Parents to meet on the same playground at 14:30 to collect their child. 


If children require a school meal they will order this in class with their new teacher or you can send in a packed lunch.  There will be no charge for a school meal due to infant children’s universal free school meal entitlement. 


We may take photographs of the children during the day to be used internally, so if you have any objections please let us know.

Induction Day Menu 10th July 2024

Admission Forms